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Check your broadband password

If you're using a TalkTalk router you'll probably never need your broadband password. We send you a welcome pack which contains your broadband username and password but they're usually pre-programmed into the equipment before it's delivered to you.

If you're connecting a router that we haven't supplied, you'll need the username and password when you're setting up your router. Please see How do I setup a router that's not from TalkTalk? for more information once you have them.


Retrieve your username and password by calling our automated service

You'll need to call from your home landline number so we recognise your account.

0870 087 5562

FREE from your TalkTalk landline

Calls from non-TalkTalk lines charged at 3ppm plus your phone company's access charge.

Your username is usually your TalkTalk telephone number, followed by 

For example


Is my broadband password the same as my Wi-Fi password?

No it's not and are often confused with each other. If you would like to connect a device wirelessly to your router and need your Wi-Fi username and password, please see How do I find or change my Wireless Network Name and Password?

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