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We’ve been doing lots of work to get our services back up and running for customers. Now, My Account is up and running with the most popular features and it’s possible to buy or upgrade your services online.

Guide to registering for My Account

You can manage all of your TalkTalk services in one place with our online account known as My Account. If you have recently joined TalkTalk, we will have asked you for an email address to get your My Account set up. We will have sent you an email with some more details. It may have gone in your junk or spam folder by mistake.

Did you know? If you are advised your phone number is already registered when registering for My Account, you can use the forgotten details page to find out your My Account username and password.

If you don't have a My Account already set up, then it's easy to register


Problems registering?


If you are having problems registering for My Account please see the below tips.

Email address already in use

It is not possible to register for My Account more than once with the same email address. If you have more than one TalkTalk account, you would need to use a different email address each time you register. Don't forget, you can create up to 5 TalkTalk email addresses on each account.

If you only have one TalkTalk account, it may be that you are already registered or part registered for My Account.

Forgotten your My Account details?

If you are still having problems registering for My Account, please contact us.


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Get peace of mind - stay safe online with our award-winning software, HomeSafe. To activate this free service simply login or register for My Account.

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