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Guide to registering for My Account

You can manage all of your TalkTalk services in one place with our online account known as My Account. If you have recently joined TalkTalk, we will have asked you for an email address to get your My Account set up. We will have sent you an email with some more details. It may have gone in your junk or spam folder by mistake.

Did you know? If you are advised your phone number is already registered when registering for My Account, you can use the forgotten details page to find out your My Account username and password.

If you don't have a My Account already set up, then its easy to register. Simply follow our step-by-step guide below.


1. Go to the My Account Registration Page


Click here to Register for My Account


2. Pass your security check

You will need your landline number & account number. 

Forgotten your landline number? Call our automated service on 17070 from your home phone. 

Can't find your account number? Use your payment details instead. Click on your payment method & fill in your details.

Security Check

If you are already registered for My Account you will get a notification. If you are not sure what your login details are, simply visit the forgotten details page and click on Try using your TalkTalk account details option.


3. Create your account

Just enter the email address you would like to use as your My Account login. You can use any email address to access My Account as long as it has not been used before.

Enter email address

We will send all your updates about your account to this email address.  

Don't worry if you don't have an email address. You can create your own TalkTalk email address on this page.


4.  Create your password

This should be at least 8 characters and at least 1 letter and 1 digit with no spaces or symbols.

Enter password


5. Choose your billing method

Select either paper or online billing. Online billing will save you £22 per year, and we will send you a reminder directly to your email address when your bill is ready.

Billing method

If your already registered for My Account and need your username or password reminder, follow our step by step guide


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Get peace of mind - stay safe online with our award-winning software, HomeSafe. To activate this free service simply login or register for My Account.

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