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Kids Safe is part of our free HomeSafe® Add package designed to protect children online. Kids Safe lets you block websites you think are unsafe or unsuitable for your children or teenagers, like ones with adult content, gambling or drink and drugs.

We've made this feature easy to control via My Account so you can adjust it to your family's needs.

What types of websites are blocked?

Kids Safe offers nine categories of websites, allowing you to easily block some or all of them. When you activate Kids Safe, you’ll see prompts to help you decide which categories to block.

Sites unsuitable for under 18’s:

  • Dating
  • Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco
  • Gambling
  • Pornography
  • Suicide and Self-Harm
  • Weapons and Violence

Other sites:

  • File Sharing
  • Games
  • Social Networking

We regularly review the websites in our categories, but if you feel a website should be added to one of the above categories please let us know.

Can I block or allow a specific website?

Yes, with Kids Safe you can block or allow specific websites. This is useful for example if you want to access a lottery website whilst blocking ‘Gambling’ websites, or visit your favourite online wine retailer even though ‘Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco’ sites are blocked.

To use this feature, simply visit My Account and select HomeSafe Add from the Extras & offers menu. You'll be able to add your chosen websites into the relevant section and select allow or block. For step-by-step guidance on setting up this feature, visit How do I block or allow a specific website?

What happens when someone tries to access a blocked site?

When you try to access a website that is blocked by Kids Safe, you'll see a TalkTalk branded blocking page. You can simply return to your previous page by clicking the back button on your browser.

The blocking page will also give you the following options:

  • Change your HomeSafe Add settings via My Account.
  • Report a wrongly blocked website to us.

Please Note: The account holder will not receive notification if someone tries to access a blocked site.

Will all the devices in my home be protected?

The websites you've chosen to block in your Kids Safe settings will be blocked on all devices using your TalkTalk broadband connection. This includes PCs, laptops, Macs, games consoles, mobile phones and tablets that use a web browser.

HomeSafe® Add won't work with applications installed on your phone or computer as these communicate in a different way to a web browser. We're exploring what other security features we can add to HomeSafe® Add in the future.

If you access a website through a VPN, a proxy or a browser that holds its own cache of websites it won't be blocked by HomeSafe® Add as it's not provided by the TalkTalk service.

Am I protected against all inappropriate content?

Although no system is 100% failsafe, Kids Safe will help to protect your family from inappropriate websites.

Kids Safe can't prevent or warn you about Cyber abuse as it filters websites rather than messages from individuals. You can find plenty of information and tips to keep your children safe online in our dedicated Online Safety Centre.

Please Note: We can't block the content presented by search engines as these are links to websites rather than the sites themselves. Some search engines offer their own filtering controls so you may wish to look into this.

Notice for website owners

If you have a website which you think is being incorrectly blocked by HomeSafe Addplease email including the following details:

  • Your responsibility for the website (e.g. owner, administrator or owner of the business advertised).
  • The full URL or domain name
  • The HomeSafe category you believe it is being blocked under e.g. Dating.

We'll review this feedback and make changes where necessary.


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