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How do I keep my router software up to date?

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Note; If you have been directed to this article from the YouView Install guide, you will only need to continue with this if you have the below routers.

To get the best possible broadband performance, the software of your router needs to be kept up to date. The good news is that on almost all the TalkTalk routers, we do this automatically, so you don't have to worry about it

The instructions below are only for customers who have these routers. Some versions of software on these routers needs to be updated manually. To find out if you have any of these routers, check the pictures below or look at the manufacturer's sticker on the back of the router.


D-Link 2640R

D-Link 2740r
D-Link 2740R

D-Link DSL 2780
D-Link DSL-2780

These are the latest versions

Router Name Version
D-Link DSL-2640R v1.26t
D-Link DSL-2740R v1.23t
D-Link DSL-2780 v2.05t


This will work with the following operating systems. Other service packs may work but have not been tested.

Microsoft Apple
Windows XP Service Pack 3 MAC OSX 10.6
Windows Vista Service Pack 2 MAC OSX 10.7
Windows  7 Service Pack 1 MAC OSX 10.8
Windows 8.1 MAC OSX 10.9

If you have any of the following routers you may also use the dowload button to make sure you have the latest firmware.



Huawei HG520B


D-Link DSL 2680


Huawei HG532


Huawei HG521


We recommend that you complete the update process using a wired connection, so first plug your computer into the back of your router using your yellow Ethernet cable and then select the green Download button below. (If you don't see the Download button, we recommend that you update your browser)

Ethernet CableEthernet cable connected

Now all you have to do is download and run the file. During the download, your broadband will disconnect and your router will restart. Don't worry, everything will be up and running again in no time and you should experience an improved service from your router.

By clicking the Download button, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the TalkTalk Software Licence Agreement.


What if my router isn't from TalkTalk?


Even if you have a different router, it’s a good idea to keep your software up to date. Unfortunately, if you use a router which wasn't provided by TalkTalk, we are not able to update the software for you. You will need to visit the router manufacturer's Website to find the latest software version and instructions on how to install it.

If you would like to purchase a new router that can be remotely managed by us then please visit our TalkTalk shop.





If after following these steps, you are having any issues with your services please check your connection in the Service Centre

Visit Service Centre



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