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Moving Home with TalkTalk

With our quick, easy and hassle-free online home move service we’ve taken the stress out of moving home so it couldn’t be easier. We've made setting up TalkTalk in your new home free, so you can choose a date that works for you, upgrade or keep your current services, then relax and tick us off the list. Job done.


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It's best to tell us you're moving at least 14 days before your actual moving date so we can make sure your old service is cancelled in time. Before you start your home move, we'll also need to know the following:

  • The full address & postcode of your new home
  • Your moving date
  • An alternative contact number (ideally mobile) and an email address
  • Which plan and boosts you would like at your new home
  • Your socket type (if you know it). Don't worry if not, we can check if your new home has ever had a phone line. Visit Does my new home have a phone line? for more info.


Not moving straight away?

No problem, our hassle-free online home move service lets you select a move-in date within the next 3 months giving you plenty of time to get everything sorted. We know that things don't always go to plan, so these dates are easily changed in My Account


New address not found?

If your new address isn't listed when you try to place your home move order, or there is an error in the address details listed, you'll need to contact Royal Mail. If your home is a new build, it could be that it hasn't been added to the Post Office records yet. Visit the Royal Mail website to add or amend your new address details. Once Royal Mail has confirmed the address creation or amendment, it can take up to 24hrs for it to update on our systems. Please try again after that time.

Taking your services to your new home couldn't be easier. The services available at your new home will vary depending on location, so we'll show you which ones you can receive when you start your online home move.

Your TalkTalk package & boosts

If you're on one of our current packages such as SimplyBroadband, Essentials TV or Plus TV you can take this with you to your new home. You'll begin a new contract at your new home, which will be between 12 months and 24 months depending on your package and if you need new equipment.

If you're on a different plan to those above you'll need to choose one of our current plans when you move. Any other promotions and offers will be removed when you move home.

Any Boosts that you've added to your current plan won't automatically carry over to your new home, but you'll be able to add these as part of the online home move service depending on availability in your area.


Value Line Rental

If you signed up to Value Line Rental at your current home, you can take your savings with you to your new home. We'll need to start you with a new 12 month Value Line Rental at your new home, and you'll be asked to make a one-off payment for this during your home move order. We'll then apply a credit to your bill for any unused line rental from your current home. 


Phone number & email address

When you place your home move order, we'll check to see if we can transfer your phone number and in most cases you'll be able to keep it. If it isn't possible to transfer it, we'll let you know and provide you with a brand new number. 

Your email address won't be affected when you move, so you can continue to use it as normal. 



If you have any TalkTalk apps linked to your account such as Talk2Go these will stop working when your services end at your current home. Once you're in your new home and all your services are activated, you'll just need to re-register your chosen apps to continue using them. Please note, if you're using your apps with any Boosts these will also need to be re-added to your account when you place your home move order. 

We'll keep you up to date with the progress of your order by text message or e-mail.  You'll be sent a welcome pack in the post for your new home, and you can also track your order in My Account

Please make sure you take all of your equipment with you to your new home, including your router, microfilters (if you have them), YouView Box (if you've got one) and all the cables.


Changing or cancelling your home move

We appreciate that moving home does not always go as planned. If you find that your dates change you can update your appointment and move in dates online in My Account.

If you need to cancel your home move please contact us.


My new address details are incorrect

As part of the online home move service, we ask you to provide the full address and postcode of your new home so we can update our records when you move. If you notice an error in the new address details we hold for you, or your address details have not updated after you've moved, please contact us.

If the details we hold for you are incorrect but you haven't moved home recently, please visit My details are incorrect.


Why isn't my broadband working in my new home?

In some cases, once your phone line is activated we may have to set up your broadband services separately. This means that depending on the type of lines in your area, your broadband may go live a few weeks after your phone line.

If your broadband is still not up and running after this period, or you have any queries please contact us.


I need to cancel my service

If you don't need broadband at your new home or are moving abroad you'll need to cancel your service.


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