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TalkTalk HomeSafe - An Overview

The web is made up of millions of websites, and although most are perfectly safe, some contain viruses or malicious code which can steal your information or damage your computer. Others have content you wouldn't want yourself or your family to see. At TalkTalk we want to help you avoid these internet nasties, so we've developed HomeSafe®, our groundbreaking online protection for the whole family - trusted by 1 million TalkTalk customers.

HomeSafe® lets you control the type of websites that can be accessed by the devices connected to your TalkTalk home broadband. It's great for parents, letting you block unsuitable material or ensure homework time is free from distractions like social media.

HomeSafe® is quick and easy to set up. There's no software to install, and it doesn't slow your computers or devices down. Best of all, it’s free, as part of your TalkTalk service.


Is HomeSafe the same as the Super Safe Boost?


These are two separate tools which work in different ways. We recommend using them together for the best security.

  • HomeSafe: Network level security which protects all devices connected to your TalkTalk router including Macs, tablets etc. To use, simply activate in My Account
  • Super Safe Boost: Anti-Virus protection for Windows computers and laptops, to help you keep internet threats at bay. Sign up and download it in My Account.



HomeSafe Services


  • Virus Alerts - Protect everyone from viruses and other threats even before they reach your front door. A warning will also pop up if you visit a suspect website. For more information, visit Virus Alerts.
  • Kids Safe - Choose the kinds of websites to block from your home, such as ones with adult content, gambling or drink and drugs. You can also block or allow specific websites in a few simple steps. For more information, visit Kids Safe.
  • Homework Time - Don't let the kids get distracted during homework time by choosing when to block social media and gaming sites. For more information, visit Homework Time.



How do I turn HomeSafe on or off?


You can manage your HomeSafe® settings in My Account, or for step by step instructions see How do I switch HomeSafe on and off? You'll be able to select the services you want to activate and personalise your Kids Safe settings by selecting which websites you want to block or allow.




Having problems with HomeSafe®? Resolve them with our HomeSafe Troubleshooting.


Internet matters

Keeping your children safe online matters

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Get peace of mind - stay safe online with our award-winning software, HomeSafe. To activate this free service simply login or register for My Account.

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